Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on a nationally recognized program that has proven successful for tens of thousands of children around the country. Over the years we have fine-tuned and evolved our classes to the unique needs of our student body here in Reno, NV. Most importantly, our curriculum focuses on fun and safety.

There is no such thing as being water safe. Swim lessons should never replace constant adult supervision. We believe that swim lessons are one component to keeping your child “water safer.” Swim lessons help children achieve more comfort and confidence around water – which are two essential factors in being “water safer.”

Silver Bear takes safety seriously and it is our number one consideration at all times. In addition, all of our teachers are CPR certified and have been trained to never turn their backs on any of their swimmers.

There is a natural progression to learning to swim but many schools approach their lessons with a “one size fits all” attitude. At Silver Bear we match our teaching techniques with where a child is developmentally and we always take age and skill level into consideration. Our levels are like building blocks – the skills learned in the previous level lay the foundation for the next. Each class has a specific focus and goal.

Our Philospohy

Silver Bear Swim School takes its role in your child’s life very seriously. We view our pool and our lessons as extensions of your child’s classroom. Starting at 6 months of age, our students will not only discover a love for the water, but they will also learn skills that boost their self-esteem and athleticism outside of the pool.

Swimming is a rite of passage and an important life skill for your child. Learning to swim is also extremely beneficial to your child’s physical, emotional and social development. Our team of highly trained instructors will guide your swimmer through the necessary fundamentals to achieve a higher level of water safety and confidence. Through the use of games, toys and songs, our lessons introduce students to all of the swimming drills in an engaging and positive manner.