New Special Abilities Program

Silver Bear’s Special Abilities program is uniquely designed to help children with special abilities learn how to love and respect the water! We understand that children who have special abilities may need extra time and more one-on-one attention, therefore our program allows for the individuality of each student to be recognized. We don’t look at what a child can’t do, but look at what a child CAN do! This philosophy applies to every student who enters the pool.


Students in the special abilities program will start in a private class with the goal of acclimating to a group environment. On-going assessments of individual skill, level of support needed, and progression rate will determine progress in the program and future integration. We will only integrate children with special abilities into group lessons if and when they are ready and able.


We will appropriately challenge all our students and set achievable goals and expectations for each. This will be achieved by breaking down every skill into smaller, attainable steps and finding the right pace for each student. As with all our classes, our ultimate goal is to teach each child to love and respect the water and to have fun!

Please call us at 775.852.0550 for additional information and/or to book a class!